All You Need Is A Dollar and A Dream

A dollar. That's all a lottery ticket costs. In New York City there are very few things you can still get for a dollar. A cup of coffee maybe? Not quite, those crossed the dollar threshold years ago. A pack of gum? A candy bar? Nope. Even those are over a dollar these days. A dream? Yes. A dream still costs a dollar.

A dream of riches. A dream of fortune. A dream that lady luck might kiss you on the forehead tonight as you prepare for this weeks lottery draw. Because that's all it takes. A dollar to buy you a ticket to a new life.

The New York Lotto

The New York Lotto is a big one. It's possibly the most famous lottery in the world, thanks to the excellent marketing it has enjoyed over the years. It is New York City, after all, the land of advertising.

Hopefully you're one of the lucky ones who can stroll down Fifth Avenue and stop at a news stand to buy a magazine and a lottery ticket because, as the ads say, "hey, you never know." You do need to live in New York to be able to do that, though. What if you don't? What if you live in Europe? What if you live in (gasp!) New Jersey? What do you then?

You could make your way over to JFK (or through the Lincoln Tunnel, if you're of from that "other" state) but that takes time and it's not so convenient. Or you could just log in to LotteryMaster, a website I use all the time. It allows you to play the New York Lotto remotely. It's as simple as setting up an account and picking your numbers. The only difference is that instead of a dollar and a dream, it's a dollar and twenty cents.

Did You Say A Dollar Twenty?

I did. Why on earth would you pay a dollar twenty for a ticket that costs a dollar? Convenience. It's a small fee to pay for what amounts to full automation of your lottery playing activities.

There are some fundamental differences in how you will play the lottery if you go with LotteryMaster. First, you no longer need to go buy your own tickets. You just select the numbers online and someone else goes to the store to buy your lottery ticket for you.

You read that correctly. Someone in New York will literally go out and buy you your ticket. You can be at home, in New Jersey, or in Prague. It doesn't matter. Because you set up an account beforehand, the funds simply go directly to your e-wallet if you win some money, and if you know the New York Lotto, you're aware of how loose it is with wins, thanks to its simplified six number grid. No bonus, ironically, always means more wins.

A twenty cent commission is a small price to pay for such convenience. There is no excuse not to play the New York Lotto when you know how easy it is.